What we do

Mission statement

Our mission is simple but ambitious – we want to eradicate avoidable blindness by improving access to care, treatment and services. 

We are a forum of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies with an interest in eye health. Our members are committed to the prioritisation of ophthalmology among senior NHS leaders, commissioners, and policy makers, and it is the strength of our membership that has enabled us to build a variety of advocates and partners across the eye health sector. 

We are well positioned to work together with these stakeholders to drive innovation in the health system, to deliver improvements to ophthalmology services, and to showcase the value of industry in transforming patient outcomes now and in the future.

Advocacy and engagement

The IVG works alongside other key stakeholders in the ophthalmology community, including the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth), to advocate for patients and industry. 

We regularly engage with NHS England, members of parliament and the Government to drive integration and sustainability of service provision in eye health and ensure services are fit for the future.

Through this engagement, the IVG has built strong, sector-wide relationships with the key influencers in the ophthalmology space which continue to grow from strength-to-strength every year. 

Thought leadership

Whether it be through our work highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on eye health, the need for data collection in ophthalmology, our assessment of the state of eye health in the UK, or our action plan for ophthalmology – the IVG strives to be a thought leader. 

We regularly produce materials that can be used by the whole community to support improvements in the access environment and increase efficiencies in the health system. You can find our latest publications here.